Wash, Dry & Fold

Santoro’s Wash, Dry and Fold Service can save you precious time by taking “Doing The Laundry” off your “To Do List”. And you can use this convenient service by dropping off your laundry at our store or we’ll picked-up from your home and return your laundry freshly cleaned, folded and packaged.


  • Do I need to separate my laundry items?
    No. We’ll sort lights and darks out before it’s washed.
  • Can you hang dry items?
    Sure! We will follow any drying instructions that you give us. Just make sure you let us know which garments you would like us to hang and air dry. Otherwise, we tumble dry your items on low to medium, in dryers that have heat sensors, never on High Heat.
  • Do you mix my clothes with other people’s clothes?
    No! We wash, dry, and fold each customer’s clothing separately.
  • Can you use special detergent?
    Yes!  Laundry detergents and dryer sheets are included with our service. If you have a special laundry detergent you want us to use, either because of an allergy or sensitivity or simply because you prefer it, we’re happy to use it. Just let us know you have a sensitivity to popular brands and we will use a non-allergenic, unscented laundry product on your laundry. Santoro’s has many brands of laundry detergent and we carry non-allergenic, unscented brand also for our clients convince.

Pick-up and delivery service is billed to your credit card monthly.

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