Fire, Water, Smoke Restoration

Santoro’s Cleaners has been providing quality and service for clothing and textiles since 1964.  We bring our quality workmanship, and experience to help family dealing with restoration of belongings, damaged by fire, smoke, water or mold.  We employ the most state-of-the-art procedures for water and smoke damage that the industry has to offer.  Santoro’s trained staff will handle all aspects of the process for cleaning textiles and working to return damaged items to their pre-loss condition.   Any item we can’t restore will not be billed.  We work with adjusters and directly with clients to insure their satisfaction.  Items that are damaged by water must be processed as soon as possible in order to restore them to pre-loss condition and prevent mold.  Santoro’s can respond quickly to any loss site 7 days a week, 365 days a year and preserve those affected items to prevent further damage.


Our Services:

  • Pack Out with trained and uniformed employees.
  • Itemized and detailed billing.
  • Cleaning of (but not limited to) all laundered garments, all dry cleanable garments, stuffed animals, shoes, leathers, furs, rugs, suedes, draperies, couch covers, seat covers, animal hides, decorative pillows, porcelain dolls, collectibles, bedding, fancy dresses, wedding dresses (boxed and sealed), family heirlooms, antique quilts, wall hangings, bulk laundry etc.
  • Dedicated Ozone room
  • Santoro’s has over 35,000 sq ft of processing and storage space.
  • Short and long term storage of clients’ items.
  • Work with all insurance companies – we do all paperwork and bill insurance companies directly.
  • Quick turn around on all orders.
  • Santoro’s Cleaners service all of Connecticut, parts of New York and Berkshire County Massachusetts.
  • “Rush”, on needed items.
  • Residue and soot removal.
  • Odor control and elimination.
  • Take down and re-hand drapes and reinstall curtains, draperies and window treatments
  • Prompt invoicing and details to determine reserves.
  • Long term secure storage and delivery back to client when needed.
  • On call and service 24/7/365.
  • Detail inventory of restored and non-restorable items.

How We Help the Customer:

  • Take down and re-hand drapes and reinstall curtains, draperies and window treatments
  • We are organized in our approach.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We treat your belongings with care.
  • We instill confidence and we are mindful to comfort the insured during their time of need.

How We Help Insurance Adjusters:

  • We respond quickly to ensure maximum salvageable rate.
  • We achieve significant cost savings.
  • We charge only for those garments that we can successfully restore.
  • We only charge for one cleaning even if multiple cleanings are necessary.
  • We restore “high replacement cost items” like leather, suede, furs, area rugs, draperies & shoes.
  • We act as a buffer to the adjuster in fielding the insured’s questions and concerns directly during a difficult time.
  • Prompt invoicing and details to determine reserves.

 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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