Horse Blanket Cleaning Pricing

Email us about your horse blanket cleaning needs.

Spring is Here! It’s time to clean those blankets and pack them away for the summer!

We are horse owners, so we understand how important your horse’s blankets are. They are an investment that you want to protect.

Blanket Cleaning is done in an over-sized commercial washer, each load goes through a pre-wash, wash, and two rinse cycles followed by a high speed extraction to insure that it is completely rinsed of all cleaning agents.

Nikwax Rug Wash™ which thoroughly cleans away dirt and grime and revitalizes water repellency, insulation and breathability of the clothing to extend the useful life and optimize performance is used in every load.

Re Waterproofing is available. We use Nikwax Rug Proof™ specifically designed for breathable waterproof horse blankets.

Line drying all items thoroughly instead of using mechanical drying methods to prevent any possibility of shrinkage, fabric and/or stitching degradation, ripping or tearing.

Repairs are done by experienced horse people on commercial sewing machines.

Bagged in a breathable zippered bags after the Velcro is cleaned.

Best Part – You don’t have to do the dirty work! We do it for you!

FREE pick-up and delivery within 75 miles of our location! (15 blanket minimum)

Price List

  • Wool Cooler $20.00
  • Fleece Cooler $15
  • Quarter sheet $10.00
  • Dress sheet, fly sheet, Irish knit $12.00
  • Sheet (no fill) $18.00
  • Medium weight Turnout (with fill) $26.00
  • Heavy Weight Turnout (with fill) $30.00
  • Neck piece $6.00
  • Western Saddle Pad (thick) $20.00 and up
  • English pad $5.00
  • Shipping boots $10.00 pair
  • Sport boots $5.00 pair
  • Re Waterproofing Nik Wax (No guarantee) $22


  • Zig Zag small holes $5.00 and up
  • Patch holes $6.00 and up
  • Replace surcingle with hardware Male side $14 female side $12.00
  • Replace front closure hardware $15.00
  • Replace Front closure Velcro $10.00

We do recycle blankets, so often repair prices will be less if we can use recycled parts.

All blankets must be laundered before any repairs will be done.

I will contact the owner if the repairs cost more than $35.00.      

Instructions for preparing your dirty blankets for pick up.

  • Please fill out form completely! In neat handwriting
  • Place form with blankets in bag and tie bag closed. Blankets in bag should match form.
  • If you can only fit 3 blankets in your bag please only list 3 blankets on your form then close bag.
  • We recommend writing your name in your blankets.
  • Please snap leg straps (NOT BELLY STRAPS) on both ends so that they are not hanging loose. This prevents them from getting stretched out in the wash.
  • When your blankets are ready to be delivered you will receive an email with a drop off date and your final invoice.

Thank you, cleaning your blankets and getting them back to you in a timely fashion is important to us and following these easy steps helps us greatly.                                                        


                           Torrington, CT

              Shannon Santoro 860-307-8218



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