Table Linens

Santoro’s skilled staff using computer-controlled wet cleaning machines, custom vat soaking, hand spotting, custom chemistry and years of knowledge, are able to restore, clean, finish and provide our clients with that crisp fresh feel of linen or restore a family heirloom.

For a holiday dinner or casual family gatherings, spills are inevitable.  Fine and antique linens require great care in laundering and cleaning to preserve their beauty. Especially those with appliques, crocheting, cutwork, embroidery, hemstitching, lace inlay, quilting, scalloped edges, and other unusual nuances.

Santoro’s presses your fine table linens using a specialized laundry press which ensures a smooth finish. Then we hand iron the delicate areas as needed.

Expensive tablecloths, linens, and table runners are essential elements of our homes. Luxurious antique, vintage, or modern, they require great care in cleaning and finishing.

Napkins, placemats, and coasters can be returned flat on a board with no folds, or hand folded over a small tube hanger with a maximum of one fold. This allows you to create your own fold when setting your table.

When packaging your linens we only use white tissue or tube hangers covered with white tissue. Our packaging products are designed to preserve your linens over the short and long term.

At Santoro’s our skilled staff can clean any type of tablecloth using our techniques, then gently finishing, folding and packaging to ensure longevity and crispness.

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