Boarding School Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Santoro’s Cleaners can provide laundry and dry cleaning services to private boarding schools students in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and parts of New York.

Our services include students’ personal laundry and dry cleaning needs, wash/dry/fold laundry service, dress shirt and blouses washed and pressed, Polo shirts finished, alterations and repairs, bed and bath linen rentals and much more.

We have added over 26000 sqft of space to greatly expand our ability to serve the growing list of private schools, and what we can provide for them. Santoro’s has a growing fleet of vehicles, which enable us to handle any size delivery in the Tri-State area.

At Santoro’s we provide everything to make a campus laundry service the absolute finest service with complete convenience for our clients. Our goal is to service local boarding schools and provide them with a level of service that our clients have come to appreciate since 1964. From processing customer-owned goods, food/dining services, athletics laundry, housekeeping, special events linen, alumni bedding, and all items associated with campus laundry, and much more, all of our services are delivered right to your door.

If Santoro’s can be of service, please contact us at 866-489-5885 and we will visit your school and design a plan of service that best fits your school’s needs. If you would like to email us any questions please, send your emails to

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