Pillow Cleaning

Down pillows are widely recognized as offering the most comfort.  However, as pillows age, the down begins to disintegrate, creating allergic dust.  It’s not the down that triggers allergies; it is the dust.  As a result, millions of perfectly good pillows are thrown into the landfill each year.  Rather than throwing away good pillows and good money, let Santoro’s Cleaners Pillow-Vac clean and revitalize old down pillows, restoring them to their original fullness and comfort.

Santoro’s Pillow-Vac cleans your pillows down first by fluffing out the dust and dirt from years of use.  Ozone-emitting ultraviolet lights will then sanitize and deodorize the down ensuring it is free from germs and bacteria. Finally, we add some new down feathers to replace the dust we just removed, then our system blows the clean down into a new, high quality, 100% cotton ticking.

Santoro’s Pillow-Vac can revitalize those old, dusty down pillows and make them incredibly comfortable and soft once again.

Your pillow affects the quality of sleep you receive each night by ensuring good alignment of your head, neck, and spine. Poor alignment can cause fatigue and headaches, and good alignment can help lead to a good night’s sleep. So let Santoro’ Cleaners restore your down pillows so you can get back to a good night rest.

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