Bed Linens

Sleeping on crisp clean linen sheets is truly relaxing, and a perfect end to a hectic day. We understand that the investment one makes in luxury linens can be quite substantial.  Having Santoro’s Cleaners care for your bed linens will help them last longer and keep that crisp press linen feel.

Santoro’s is equipped to care for your bed linens.  We do all laundry work in house, so our skilled staff performs this delicate work with professional stain removal procedures, delicate laundering techniques, and gentle finishing.  Our process will clean and sanitize your bed linens so they smell fresh and our skilled staff will also keep the beauty, warmth, and softness to all your items.

Bed linens can be returned hung lengthwise on 18″ tube hangers. Or hand folded and wrapped in white tissue and craft paper.

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